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Careers are challenging and unpredictable…

We help you chart your roadmap!

Get help from hand-picked Talent Agents and Career Coaches.

Learning & Development for Companies? This way

Careers don’t have to be a mess…

I get rejected all the time, I’m clueless… why does it keep happening?!

I can’t ace past any interview, preparation is never enough…

I’m starting to give up, going to stick with my current job instead.

I’m completely stuck in my career, I’ve sadly hit a plateau.

I’m done trying to get into Tech, I’m not sure where to even begin!

At a time nobody knows the future of work, your potential can be unleashed!

Step 1. Trust us with your “career secrets”. Don’t worry – it’s confidential.

Step 2. We work our magic in order to match you with the right Career Expert.

Step 3. Get started!

Learning & Development for Companies?
This way

Embrace uncertainty and honesty as a chance to (re)shape your world

Jobs are not for life anymore.

Flexibility and Adaptation are key for success.

Flexibility and Adaptation are key for success.

Continuous Learning is fundamental.

How do you feel about your career?

Wherever you want to go, we’ll go the extra mile to help you get there.

Choose an option below:

I’m lost in my job search

I feel stuck in my career

I want to re-skill into Tech



Get matched with dedicated Career Coaches


Stuck in your career? Not getting that raise or promotion?

Get guidance from curated Career Coaches.


Gain self-awareness about your Motivations & Expectations

Market Value

Understand what’s your market positioning

Roadmap Building

Plan ahead with a follow-up plan of attack



Get matched with dedicated Talent Agents


Rejected all the time? Interviews are beyond stressful?

Get guidance from curated Talent Agents.

Job Search Strategy

Define your job search strategy including a follow-up plan of attack

Profile Review

Make your CV / LinkedIn / Landing.Jobs work for you

Ace Interviews

Prepare your interviews and get salary negotiation support



Re-skill into Tech


Skills falling short? Not sure how to get into tech?

Remote Tech Bootcamp to reboot your Career

Remote Tech Bootcamp

Reboot your skills as a first step to join the Tech industry

Career Coaching

Build your long-term career roadmap

Talent Agent

Get dedicated guidance to land your first job in tech

Success stories

“I am very happy and I want to thank Future.Works and Maria [Talent Advocate] with all my heart for helping me to find the skills I already have and teaching me how to communicate all of this in a sincere, efficient and positive way. In these 5 weeks in which we worked together I learned a lot, and I will take this learning with me always. I want you to know that you helped me to achieve a dream.”

Eugenia B.

“Working with Future.Works and Rosário [Talent Advocate] was a weekly boost of joy and, overall, an incredible experience, not only to direct my career into a better direction to land a new role in Portugal, but also to rethink some points in my life and my self-perception.”

Guilherme M.

Make sure you’re a part of this…

Learning & Development for Companies? This way


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