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Session #1
October 19, 2023 | 09:00H
Alan Stein empowers people to confidently land high-paying jobs at the world’s best tech companies. He has spent the 1st part of his life building his resume. Alan Stein has achieved success through a combo of privilege, employing a growth mindset, persevering through numerous setbacks, and building long-lasting relationships; all sprinkled with a healthy dose of luck. His next chapter is dedicated to his own eulogy. Alan aims in leveraging his successes, learnings, and experience to level the playing field. That field is currently weighted in favor of: ⚖️ the company > the employee ⚖️ the interviewer > the candidate ⚖️ the majority in charge > the underrepresented & underestimated Inspired by Ibram X Kendi, David Brooks, Tim Ferriss, Brene Brown, his synagogue, his wife, and countless friends & family, he founded Kadima in 2020. Kadima, which means “forward” in Hebrew, is on a mission to accelerate 1 million careers. Further inspired by the Japanese word Ikigai, defined as one’s reason for being, he is uniting: ❤️ What he loves - Growing and developing people. ⭐ What he’s good at - As a hiring manager, Alan has reviewed 10K+ resumes, interviewed thousands, hired hundreds, and promoted dozens. As a candidate, he’s interviewed thousands of times for hundreds of jobs, receiving dozens of offers. 🌎 What the world needs - The tech industry talks about the importance of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). However, most tech companies hover at only 4% Black, 5% Latinx, 35% women. 💰 What he can get paid for - he has helped hundreds of people land jobs at the most prestigious tech companies in the world. On average, clients that work with him earn $85K more in a single year alone. Kadima's methods have evolved from 1:1 coaching to group bootcamps. They are now developing software and instructional content to deliver more impact. While the methods will evolve, they will always be a values-based company that treats people RIGHT and gets 💩 done. By RIGHT, Alan means that they will: ✳️ treat everyone with Respect ✳️ always act with Integrity ✳️ show up Genuinely ✳️ Humbly appreciate our privilege ✳️ build & maintain Trust By getting 💩 done, Alan walks the talk with measurable results. Some recent success include helping people land: a $400k+ Program Manager job @ Microsoft a $300k+ Product Manager job @ Amazon a $200k year Strategic Lead job @ Facebook. He’s been delivering >17x ROI for his diverse client base. Kadima is on a mission to accelerate 1 mil careers. As of now, they have about 999,781 to go. If you're looking to accelerate your career and just need a little boost, reach out.
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