Beatriz Silva
Clinical and Health PsychologistPsicóloga Clínica Beatriz Silva
Building Global Teams
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OCTOBER 07, 2022 | 2:55 pm
Effective Member of the Portuguese Psychologists Board (Professional Certificate nº 26112). Master in Clinical and Health Psychology from the Portuguese Catholic University – Porto. Founder of #rastreiAmente - A project to promote screening for signs and symptoms of psychopathology in the general community - pro bono). Currently working as a freelancer providing mental health assessment and intervention; and elaboration of scientific-based articles / posts about mental disorders and mental health awareness (instagram: psicbeatrizsilva with an audience of over 5000 people). Author of the publication Psychopathology in Childhood and Adolescence published in Jornal Digital. In my spare time, I love books, series, music and cooking!
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