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Carlos Palminha ~ Head of Technology @ Landing.Jobs

Carlos Palminha has +20 years of background in product, technology, and engineering management with strong know-how on the adoption of software methodologies, agility, and innovation. Experienced in leading motivated cross-functional teams towards clear objectives, primarily focused on business growth under conditions of uncertainty. Interested in embracing new challenges in complex environments, involving different stakeholders and expectations.

Date – TBA

How to Scale Software Development with Distributed Models: The Linux Case

Scaling software development and technology is probably one of the main challenges for organizations. Due to the COVID crisis, this becomes more critical and hard to solve, finding out how to “return to normal” or set up the new normal. In this talk, we will explore how the Linux Kernel scaled their software development, using decentralized models and distributed teams. Linux is one of the longest and biggest open-source software projects in the world, currently with 28 years of age, comprising an estimated community of 5000 to 6000 developers, with more than 26 million code lines.