Diogo Alves de Oliveira
Work paradigm
Session Name
OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 2:30 pm
As a tech startup enthusiast, Diogo Oliveira currently leads a team obsessed over solving critical recruitment challenges. Curious and knowledge thirsty by nature, he strives to generate profitable solutions and to boost corporate productivity and efficiency, whilst bringing people into the centre of the equation. He has been wearing different hats, what grants him a unique aptitude to work in multi-disciplinary teams. Set of beliefs: 1. Smart work - Everyone have ideas, the difficult part lays on execution. He loves to execute them in the most efficient way possible. 2. Humbleness - Every single individual, no matter age, race or job title can positively influence the world. Expanding horizons accelerates the learning curve. 3. Ambition - Focused on thriving, no matter how difficult a project looks like. There are no such a thing as impossible events. If you are inquisitive about something reach out to him. If he doesn’t know the answer yet, he’ll look for it. Daniel is curious about: Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Internationalisation, Operations, PR, Prospecting, Sales Management, SEO, Social Media, Supply Chain Management Industries: Apparel & Fashion, Food & Beverages, HR & Recruitment, Sporting Goods, Sports and Technology.
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