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Erin Casali ~ Head of Design for Jetpack @ Automattic

Erin is a polymath with 12+ years of experience in remote work and she is Head of Design for Jetpack in Automattic, probably the largest distributed company in the world, which she helped to grow from 200 to 1200 people worldwide. Her particular expertise includes remote leadership practices and strategies, organization design, mental health — and of course, design.

Tuesday, 16th of June – 3 to 3.45 pm

The Async Advantage

Working remotely has many benefits but also some obvious and non-obvious challenges. Discussions about remote work also often tend to be generic, but what are the key lessons from the largest fully distributed company in the world, Automattic? A lot of the tools available are meant to be used in person, to the point that many people are lost if they happen to work remotely, or they want to switch a product team to being remote. How to build trust, gather feedback and craft a unified vision? This talk takes inspiration from some of the practices of Automattic’s teams and WordPress open source development model to overcome some of the unique challenges of remote working. Interestingly enough, all these findings can be beneficial also to local teams, as they can improve the work quality and prepare it to scale.