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Eva Baluchova ~ Remote-First Advocate & Founder @

Eva is a forward-thinking talent acquisition professional and certified employer branding specialist with 9 years of experience in agency, consultancy, and in-house recruitment. She combines her background from sociology and talent acquisition with her passion for psychology, culture building, and employer branding. Since moving to Amsterdam from Slovakia five years ago, Eva has built a reputation for her personable and human-centered approach to talent acquisition. She has a strong drive to innovate through knowledge sharing as a public speaker, writer, and trainer. She has been lucky enough to work with over 15 most exciting startups and scaleups. Establishing processes and best practices of sourcing / recruiting, employer branding, recruitment marketing, and onboarding that will scale as the company did.

“Remote” Employer Branding (how to manage your employer brand through these times)

Tuesday, 28th of April – 6 to 6.45 pm

With the world facing coronavirus, we all have the question about what is the right approach to the employer branding during a crisis? Things seem to change and there is a obvious shift in candidate behavior and social media consumption that push brands to rethink how they connect with their users. But this times is an opportunity for employers to understand that this is to be crucial for employers to take a time and review their current branding and messaging in order to apply new adjustments and needed tweaks.