Fabian Wong ~ Chief Creative Officer & Head of Experience & Design  @ Capita Consulting

Fabian Wong is a strategic creative professional with more than 20 years’ experience advising clients from Europe to Asia on large scale digital strategy, creative, planning, risk and digital transformation. His work extends across more than 100 countries, and he is currently the Chief Creative Officer and Head of Experience & Design at Capita, where he is responsible for driving ‘Human Brilliance’ in experience design.
Previously, Fabian was Deloitte Digital Managing Partner and was a Global Client Service Partner at Ernst & Young. An avid speaker on the global circuit where he has presented to global companies such as SONY, HP and also the Head of States such as China, Russia and EU country ministers on digital and M&A related topics.

How Experience Design and Data Science will Shape the Future of Work

Friday, 1st of May – 4 to 4.45 pm

Can you imagine taking your kids into a LEGO store and allowing them to touch possibly contaminated parts? Can you imagine paying with cash again? And what about travelling side by side with a stranger? And heading to the gym, is it going to be safe there?
COVID-19 transformed how we think and behave, and that will require a complete redesign of everything. Experience Design and Data Science play a critical role if organisations know how to mingle both.
But are organisations ready to explore new business models, new ways of working, and equipped with the right mindset to pivot several times a year?