Bernardo Faro
Co-Founder & CEOVinci
Work paradigm
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 12:20 am
• Former Senior Tech Consultant at Deloitte where I've built digital products for the Financial Services industry for 4 years.
• Built Twitter audience from 0 to 30k in 5 months by deconstructing Web3 for beginners - which helped me to quit Deloitte and jump full-time into Web3.
• Former Growth Lead at OdysseyDAO, growing their community from 3k to 11k in 3 months.
• Left OdysseyDAO to build Vinci.
• Vinci is the #1 network for Web3 Community Leaders and Professionals. At Vinci we are building the tools and ecosystem for Web3 Community Professionals to meet like-minded peers, learn, and grow together.
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