Jaime Ferreira ~ Director of Data Science  @ Feedzai

Currently heading Feedzai’s worldwide Data Science team in Professional Services, Jaime’s team is responsible for effectively delivering and enabling clients with high-quality Fraud detection models on critical and demanding clients, including several Tier 1 banks and market leader merchants and acquirers. Jaime has a strong background on machine learning and artificial intelligence, having participated in national and European projects, co-authoring several papers, and focused his thesis on online unsupervised learning in high dimensions, using an online Gaussian mixture model approach applied to big data, and achieving speedups in performance of up to 40x compared with state-of-the-art at improved numerical stability.

Distributed and Adaptable by Design: How do you Fight Financial Crime from Home During Uncertain Times?

Wednesday, 29th of April – 5 to 5.45 pm

Working from home has been a growing trend over the last few years, but nothing has prepared companies all over the world to face a reality in which working remotely would be the rule rather than the exception. Quick shifts and disruption span across industries, while mission-critical technology is facing unprecedented times.

So, how do you keep supporting some of the largest brands in the world while making sure commerce remains safe? Learn from Feedzai why being born a global and highly distributed company has been critical in supporting customers in 4 continents, and how fighting some of the most sophisticated criminal organizations from home has become the new normal.Learn how fraudsters are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to strike hard when the world enters in the “”recovery phase”” and how rapidly fraud is changing. Get first-hand insights on how being adaptable by design allows you to quickly evolve a product to protect people from financial crime, and shield them from economic damage.