João Santos Costa
Journalist @ Jornal EconómicoJornal Económico
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OCTOBER 07, 2022 | 9:35 am
João is a journalist based in Lisbon and anchor of JORNAL ECONÓMICO. He started his career in DIÁRIO DE NOTÍCIAS and OBSERVADOR. Shortly thereafter, he became a producer and screenwriter for RTP INTERNACIONAL, then went on to research and write for RTP. He then worked as a screenwriter at TVI before working as a branded content manager for JORNAL ECONÓMICO, where he is now a journalist and news anchor. ​João has a degree in Journalism from the LISBON SCHOOL OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA STUDIES. During his degree he collaborated for more than two years with SAPO, covering music festivals, concerts and cultural events throughout the year. His interests include: international politics, history, culture, civil rights, advertising and technology.
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