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John Gonçalves ~ Musician @ The Gift

John Gonçalves is a musician and agent/manager of the Portuguese band The Gift. With the other three members of The Gift they found their own company “La Folie-Gift” that is the record label, booking agent, publisher, management, promoter, and agency that takes care of everything related to the band. The Gift is one of the most important independent bands in Portugal and they had the pleasure to have “Brian Eno” producing, playing,singing, co-composing the album “Altar” and the most recent album “Verão”. They toured all over Europe, USA, South America and even Asia, making their mesmerizing shows one of their strengths over the years. They achieved some licensing deals in Portugal, Spain and the USA becoming one of the most incredible “Do it Yourself worldwide case studies”. Besides his work as musician and agent of The Gift, John Goncalves is vice president of “Why Portugal?” the new export platform for the promotion of Portuguese music, acting as the Portuguese music export office as part of EME Network and member of the board of “Audiogest”, the Portuguese association for Copyright Management and Distribution, in representation of “AMAEI – Portuguese Independent Association of Musicians and Labels.

Music Artists – Future of Work on a Remote world (challenges on creating great music and making a living in a remote first world)

Friday, 1st of May – 6 to 6.45 pm