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Katie Womersley ~ VP of Engineering Lead @ Buffer

Katie is the VP of Engineering at Buffer, which is a globally distributed team with no offices. She’s co-authored “The Holloway Guide to Remote Work”, available now at She’s also co-authored “97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know” and “Atomic Migration Strategy for Web Teams”, both with O’Reilly. Katie champions remote work and personal flourishing.

Monday, 15th of June – Hours TBA

Making remote work work

In this talk, Katie will share the tools and practices figured out at Buffer, a globally distributed team with no offices, to ease your transition to remote work. You’ll learn how to make and communicate decisions remotely, solve those collaboration problems, be a great manager when you don’t see your team face to face, and hire and onboard remotely. These are the four key areas you need to get the right to build a vibrant, effective distributed team. This talk will help you go from awkwardly making do, to making remote work your team’s superpower.