Sanket Sharma
Lead Data ArchitectRELEX Solutions
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 3:20 pm
Creative builder. Specialist. He helps organisations turn ideas into data driven products. And he goes further - Sanket helps them build motivated global teams, processes and optimise operations. Highlights: 👉 Over 16 years across three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe) 👉 Strong capacity to manage and deliver multiple projects on strict timelines. 👉 Solid experience in financial services (private/retail/commercial banking), public health, public procurement, bioinformatics and retail domains 👉 Hands on - he has worked as front end developer, back-end developer, Data Engineer, DevOps engineer, Team Lead and an Architect. 👉 Experience in building and scaling distributed teams from scratch. Personality: ⭐ Creative, entrepreneurial, highly motivated and eternal optimist ⭐ Innate ability to remain calm and detached in stressful situations ⭐ Excellent written and oral communication skills. ⭐ Problem solver & Lifelong learner ⭐ Emotionally intelligent & Culturally sensitive Recent Achievements & Responsibilities: ⚡Bootstrapping & Architecting a self service, de-centralised (data mesh) data platform consisting of Apache Kafka, Snowflake and Azure Blob Storage. ⚡ Scaled the team from zero to 7+ expert members in Helsinki and Lisbon ⚡ Automating data infrastructure and establishing SRE practices for the Data Platform. Technical skills: 🤓 DevOps: Terraform, Terraform CDK, GitLab, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Amazon CloudFormation, Packer. Hands on experience maintaining, automating and optimising HDFS, Spark and HBase. 🤓 Back-end: Java, Spring, Spring Boot, TypeScript, Scala, Python, C#, PHP, Laravel, Node.js 🤓 Front-end: Ember.js, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap 🤓 Big Data: Hadoop, Spark, Ambari, Apache BigTop, HBase, Phoenix, AWS EMR, Apache NiFI, Elastic Search, Azure Data Factory and SnowFlake. 🤓 BPM and Workflows: Documentum xCP, JBoss Activiti 🤓 Document & Records management: Documentum (Now OpenText), Captiva InputAccel, Ephesoft, Alfresco Excited About: 📊 Data - Big or Small, AI/ML engineering and data science. 🗳 Transparency, Open societies and digital democracy platforms 💸 FinTech & Digital currencies 🌱 Scaling high performance distributed teams, motivation and leadership 💹 Entrepreneurship, startups ⚙️ Automation. Building Platforms. He loves attending startup events and exploring artisan coffee shops around town!
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