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Laurel Farrer ~ CEO and Founder @ Distribute Consulting

As the Founder of Distribute Consulting and the Remote Work Association, Laurel Farrer starts, strengthens, and leverages virtual workforces to solve corporate and socioeconomic concerns. A global thought leader on the topic of remote work, Laurel collaborates with the world’s leading businesses and governments to eliminate virtual worker discrimination, prevent policy retraction, increase remote job accessibility, train distributed leaders, and design economic initiatives. Additionally, she also shares her expertise as a Forbes contributor, subject matter expert for business education curriculum, and virtual software product advisor.

Wednesday, 17th of June – 4 to 4.45 pm

Optimizing Virtual Organization Infrastructure

There is a difference between being at home during work hours, and working from home in a way that maintains (or enhances) business operations. Progress beyond merely allowing employees to work remotely, and embrace a comprehensive adoption and optimization of workplace mobility. This presentation will explore the 6 pillars of remote work success, then explore the critical updates that every company needs to implement to ensure virtual sustainability and compliance.