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OCTOBER 07, 2022 | 2:55 pm
Liliana is a Psychologist, member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association and a certified trainer.
She considers herself a motivated, flexible, persistent, empathic and fun person. She is always ready for new learning opportunities and challenges!
She has a Master in Psychology from the University of Minho (Portugal) as part of the Integrated Master in Psychology. Due to her great interest in psychological assessment she took an advanced specialization in Psychological Assessment from Childhood to Adulthood by the CRIAP Institute.
Her professional career began as a translator of materials for international projects aimed at social inclusion and equal opportunities through the promotion of education and training, in collaboration with a non-profit organization.
She worked as a Junior Psychologist and later as a Psychologist at the National Association for the Study and Intervention in Giftedness (ANÉIS) - Porto/Gondomar Delegation, actively participating in the process of investigation, evaluation and intervention of children and young people with high abilities and talents.
She was a research collaborator in data collection for a PhD thesis and validation of a creativity assessment instrument, which is still to be published.
As she loves sharing knowledge and promoting education, she was a trainer for the UFCD 6580 ""Health care for vulnerable populations"" in the EFA Technician/Health Care Assistant course.
Currently Liliana works as a Psychologist in Private Practice, through online and face-to-face sessions, as well as in the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS24) supporting the covid-19 line.
With the aim of promoting mental health literacy and bringing people closer to this topic she has been producing content on Psychology and sharing it through her social media. She is co-founder of #rastreiAmente, her most recent project, which provides free online mental health screening for adults.
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