Madalena Carey
DirectorHappiness Business School
Work paradigm
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 10:35 am
It's not just her passion.

It's her obsession.

To create meaningful workplaces.

Whilst some may think that’s too aspirational, I see it as my legacy.

A legacy that aims to:
-Increase connection in workplaces
-Help employees find real purpose
-And in return, boost performance and business metrics

Did you know that lack of meaning is the number one cause for modern unhappiness? She discovered the common traits of unhappy employees - because she was one. And for years she has battled with mental health and was present, but not really there. Not giving it my all.

She started Happiness Business School to finally align myself with my purpose. And I can tell you, it was the path for my healing.

She was actually my first customer.

And she crafted effective training which reprograms the mind and delivers more productive, creative, innovative and happy employees.

There are lots out there about soft skills but Happiness at work is our expertise.

She is specialise in it, I own it.

Our approach is practical and engaging where participants have loads of fun and organisations get higher retention rates and productivity from their talent force.
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