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Mark Kilby ~ Distributed Agile Guide and Founder @ K5Labs

For over 20 years, Mark Kilby has cultivated distributed teams across multiple industries including engineering, publishing, training, energy management, healthcare, insurance, and more. It’s also rumored that Mark was a rocket scientist at one time. His easy-going style helps teams learn to collaborate and discover their path to success and sustainability. He shares his remote team experience in his latest book, From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams: Collaborate to Deliver.

Wednesday, 17th of June – 5 to 5.45 pm

Navigating Change When (Rapidly) Remote

The “new normal” of being rapidly remote has finally settled in. Or has it? You may have been unprepared to go remote and then you were suddenly turned into a “remote only” company. So has anything “normal” come out of this? Are we any closer to effective remote work and reconstructing a familiar workspace? This talk outlines key lessons from teams who have navigated change to survive and even thrive.