Pedro Moura
Chief Marketing Officer Landing.Jobs
Work paradigm
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 9:35 am
Smart Creative, IT Entrepreneur and Executive @ Big Corp & Startups, currently working to tackle the Tech Talent gap in the international market. As a Smart Creative I combine broad technical knowledge, business expertise, creativity and social skills to do and deliver amazing things at a fast pace. I work with organisations and people that privilege innovation, freedom and speed over running slow to minimize risks. I aim for change, growth and impact. Since 1999 I have been an executive, researcher, consultant, manager, director, adviser, entrepreneur, investor and enthusiast of technology and innovation, with a track record of creating, funding and managing innovative and successful products, businesses and companies across industries and technologies, both in the Big Corp and Startup worlds. My name is Pedro, living in Earth since '76, father of two girls and one boy, and a lover of life in general. I have a graduate degree in Computer Science and a Post-grad in Sociology. Presently my main professional interests are Tech Talent Management, Future of Work, Location Intelligence, Data Monetization, Big Data, SaaS, Analytics/Data-as-a-Service, Entrepreneurship & Startups, and FTTs (Future Technology Trends).
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