Miguel Moreira
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 9:35 am
Miguel Moreira likes to help organizations on improving the way they work with their teams, especially when there is a strong need for change, performance upgrade or innovation. In his career he has lead large professional services firms, with a strong technology component. He has implemented business transformation programs, new organizational models, modern control methods, process redesign and quality systems. In emerging markets, Miguel has launched brand-new ranges of services including new partnership models with global technology vendors. He leads the development of new technology businesses like cloud computing and data center services in terms of offer, operations, go-to-market and channel strategies. Miguel Moreira has worked for the telecom, consulting and manufacturing fields, in global or regional leading companies. Currently, as an independent consultant, his goal is to help businesses to be able to compete in a fast changing technological world. He is passionate for technology, both as way to better our lives or as a tool to transform corporations and the business world. Specialties: Technology, B2B, Change Management, BPO, Offshoring, Continuous Improvement, Cloud Computing, IT Management, Lean 6Sigma, Agile Methods, Technology Education.
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