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Pedro Moura ~ Head of Talent @ Landing.Jobs

Smart Creative, IT Entrepreneur and Executive @ Big Corp & Startups, currently working to tackle the Tech Talent gap in the market and creating the Future of Work. As a Smart Creative I combine broad technical knowledge, business expertise, creativity and social skills to do and deliver amazing things at a fast pace. I work with organisations and people that privilege innovation, freedom and speed over running slow to minimize risks. I aim for change, growth and impact. Since 1999 I have been an executive, researcher, consultant, manager, director, adviser, entrepreneur, investor and enthusiast of technology and innovation, with a track record of creating, funding and managing innovative and successful products, businesses and companies across industries and technologies, both in the Big Corp and Startup worlds.

Music Artists – Future of Work on a Remote world (challenges on creating great music and making a living in a remote first world)

Friday, 1st of May – 6 to 6.45 pm