Tomaz Sousa de Macedo
Business Development, Sales, Consultancy, Client Development, Project ManagementDLA Piper
Session Name
OCTOBER 07, 2022 | 9:50 am
Tomaz started his career as a trainee in the litigation practice area and was later successfully admitted to the bar association. But although he was an accomplished lawyer, soon he realised that his skills were better suited to business and client development, sales, advisory and connecting dots. TEAMWORK & EFFICIENCY Tomaz consider himself a person with strong emotional intelligence and keen diplomatic sense. Furthermore, he has a strong capacity to maintain high spirits and motivate people. These characteristics, aligned with a sense and focus on efficiency, allow him to be a good team player. PROBLEM SOLVER & CLIENT FOCUS His legal background and experience in working in a Business Development department, in a PSF, allows him to be a problem solver, with a critical eye on each situation at hand, and always with a focus on the client/result. PEOPLE & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Tomaz is passionate about people. Social responsibility and our contribution to a Social Society begins in small details, daily, in small decisions, rather than in big actions and projects. ... but the most important question that he keeps on the back of his mind is: Are these main characteristics enough to embrace the "new normal" world? Posing ourselves such questions, even with no answers, is a huge step to keep up the fast-paced world.
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