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Roos Takken ~ People Business Partner @ GitLab Inc.

Roos Takken has almost 10 years of experience in the People field. Currently she is a People Business Partner at GitLab. She joined GitLab 9 months ago and has been responsible for supporting the Division of Engineering with more than 500 Engineers. Prior to GitLab she has helped startups and scaleups through hypergrowth in the Netherlands as a HR Lead and Head of People. She obtained a Master degree in Social Sciences and is obsessed with the constantly changing field of Human Resources (People). When things are constantly changing it’s key to adjust your policies, procedures and tactics all the time. Her ultimate goal is to guarantee a productive and happy work environment and balance the two.

Tuesday, 16th of June – 3 to 3.45 pm

Thriving as a remote team: creating a culture and communication that works for everyone

How does a company engage employees, unite them around a culture, and set a way of communicating when teams are made up of people in different locations all around the world? Roos has a lot to say about this as a People Business Partner for GitLab, an all-remote company (pre-COVID-19) with over 1,200 people spread across more than 65 countries and regions. She’ll explain how to set and sustain a workplace culture, while detailing the mindset and infrastructure necessary to align everyone and thrive as a business across time zones.