Urbano Freitas
Professional Services DevOps Head of Practice at OutSystemsOutSystems
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OCTOBER 08, 2022 | 3:50 pm
Urbano is a lover of human genius, in particular of how we came to master information and manipulate, through IT systems, so we can have a better lives (more organized, more productivity, more social, more fulfilled). This admiration for IT lead him, after finishing is master on Mechanical Engineering, to pursuit a job in IT area, entering in HP Portugal, through a academy program for new graduates and achieving a position in HP outsourcing business unit in 2008 (where we remains). Since then he had worked in several roles in IT management and IT delivery management. Currently he works as part of a international Team where we act as Account Service Manager for several Portuguese clients. His job consist mainly in guarantee the clients received the service they request with the best quality for the price and work with clients and the rest of accounts managements teams to bring innovation, efficiencies and so better services. Because his training in engineering Urbano have as biggest strengths the ability to connect technical content with operational and management needs and proposing and working with others in building systems that allow better outcomes. Professional Experience: - Developing IT Operations Control Systems to more effectively deliver service (balancing quality, with speed of deliver and price); - Small to medium size projects leading and managing; - Account Service Manager: Advising, Design, Implementation and Management with clients of all ITSM processes end-to-end; - IT Process Development and Implementation, using ITSM frameworks like ITIL, COBIT, etc; - Account Process Manager for several ITSM processes, namely: Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Service Level Management, Capacity and Availability; - ITSM Tools Implementation (Ticketing and monitoring); - Asset tracking and control. My Career Goals are become simple: have good challenges, never stop learning and be where I can bring more value to organization.
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