Hand-picked Talent Agents on a mission to make futures

Career progression has never been easy.
Making job search a rewarding experience.

Talent Agent in a nutshell


Talent Agents help you capitalise on your strengths


Talent Agents are hands-on seasoned recruiting & coaching professionals


 Talent Agents give you premium access to a wider network of employers

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Your Future

Talent Agents will walk you through a 5-session program tailored to your needs

1. Onboarding

Craft the right job search strategy

2. CV Review

Level up your CV and online presence

3. Proactive Applications

Hand-picked jobs that match your strengths

4. Interview Preparation

Practice interviewing to increase your chances

5. Always Follow-up

Dominate the art of following up without losing motivation

6. Salary Negotiation

Support to help you get paid what you deserve

Landing a new job has never been easier!


“Thank you with all my heart for helping me to make better use of the skills I already had and teaching me how to communicate all of this in a sincere, efficient and positive way. I want you to know that you helped me to achieve a dream.”



Eugenia B.


“Working with my Talent Agent was a weekly boost of motivation and, overall, an incredible experience, not only to direct my career into a better direction to land a new job, but also to rethink some points in my life and my self-perception.”




Guilherme M.


“I was privileged to be able to use Future.Works to help me land a new job. I got a lot of professional advice and preparation that were fundamental to achieve this career goal. If you’re looking for a new job, I suggest you hire a Talent Agent.”




Railton O.

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