What is the Future.Works Lisbon Tech Conference?

The Future.Works Tech Conference, formerly known as the Landing Festival, is a 2-day hybrid event that will be held on the 15th and 16th of October 2021. You’ll have access to talks on the different event tracks, workshops, network spaces and even an expo area if you’re looking for a new opportunity. At the end of the day you’ll be able to:

Learn from the best by attending workshops and talks from technology pioneers and experienced professionals.

Boost your career through networking with professionals just like yourself and explore new opportunities with our sponsors.

Enjoy the experience, don’t forget to hang out, network with other techies, have fun with our entertainment program and, if you dare, join the most epic farewell boat party you’ve ever seen.

How can I get my ticket?
Tickets are already available in the Eventbrite of the event. There are two different types of tickets both for the physical and the virtual experience. We’ll also have different stages where the prices will increase, so the sooner you get your ticket, the better the price you’ll get!
What is included in each ticket?
We have two different types of tickets, On-premises and Remote. On-premises tickets subdivide into Standard & Premium, that give access to different activities and rooms. Check the TICKETS section to see the differences between each one.

Note that each room at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa is limited to a limited capacity, which is why we suggest for you to arrive at talks and workshops on time.

Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

Yes, if you want an invoice for your ticket you’ll need to fill in this form until October 22nd, 2021.

I had a ticket for the 2020 edition. Can I still use it?

Yes. We tried to contact everyone that had a ticket for the 2020 edition, but in case we missed you or you changed your email address please contact us through [email protected]

What’s your refund policy?

We have a no-refund policy for issues unrelated to Covid-19. In case you can’t make it for any other reason, you’ll be able to pass your ticket to a friend for instance.

What happens if Covid-19 strikes back?

We’re doing our part to make sure that all the safety conditions are met and we can meet again physically in Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, but in case something happens and the situation gets worse, we are committed to running the event with a whole virtual setup.

Where is the event and how can I get there?

The event will be held on the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa in Portugal, just right near Ponte 25 de Abril. Here’s the Google Maps location. You can get there by car, bus, train and eléctrico. Out of the most usual transport options, bicycles and scooters will also do the trick.

Can I attend the event online?

Yes, the event will be held on a hybrid approach, so you’ll be able to access the different activities of the event online. We’ll have more details regarding the platform soon.

How can I watch the talks?

You can either watch the talks live on the venue or through the platform we will be using for the virtual experience.

Will the talks be recorded and available to the public after the event?

Some of them, but not all. The talks on the main two stages that we manage to get the speakers’ permission to record, will be recorded and made available to the public in our YouTube channel after the event. All the ones that we don’t manage to get the permission will be available only on the live session.

Are there any networking moments?

Yes, you’ll be able to network with other attendees, speakers and partners either physically (respecting all the social distancing rules) or virtually through the app that we will use for the virtual event.

Are there any companies actively recruiting at the conference?

Some of the companies sponsoring the event are actively recruiting. You will be able to check a menu on the platform to know more about job opportunities or catch some of the recruiting sessions happening in the mornings of the event if you’re a virtual ticket holder. If you’re a physical ticket holder you’ll be able to speak with companies in their booths within the venue.

How many people will be allowed to be physically present in the venue?

With the current restrictions imposed by the Portuguese government we’re preparing the event to have 30% of its usual capacity. However, we believe that in September the conditions will be less restricted and we’re expecting to have between 40% to 60% of the venue’s usual capacity. 

As rooms will have a limited capacity, we advise attendees to arrive at the talks and workshops of their choosing on time.

What type of safety measures do you have in place?

We’ll follow the current safety measures set by the Portuguese government authorities for event spaces: attendees will need to wear masks at all times, except when eating or drinking, several points of the venue will have hand sanitizers and there will be a circuit for people to move within the spaces of the venue. Stages and other event spaces will also follow the restrictions regarding social distancing.

As rooms will have a limited capacity, we advise attendees to arrive at the talks and workshops of their choosing on time.

Will food and drinks be available in the venue?

Meals at the event will be limited to existing stock for tickets acquired with a free/100% discount promocode. Paid On-Premises tickets will be guaranteed drinks and meals during the Conference.

What is Landing.Jobs?
Landing.Jobs is a tech careers marketplace from techies to techies. We believe careers are challenging and unpredictable and our mission is to help you to make the best decisions.

At Landing.Jobs you are encouraged to take ownership of your career. Wherever you want to go, we’ll go the extra mile to get you there. Your ambition is our purpose, so aim for more. You can learn more here.

What is Future.Works?

Future.Works is the name we decided to give to the talent community around the Landing.Jobs brand.

Still have questions?

Please shoot a message to [email protected] if you have any questions not answered on this page.

One more thing – remember to have fun!