Nmbrs is a company with a story of its own. Nmbrs started out as a payroll administration office and shifted focus towards building efficient HR and payroll software with the employees best in mind. Nmbrs is no longer a payroll administration office – today Nmbrs is a vibrant team on a mission towards building the best HR and payroll software available online.

Our multinational team of developers, testers, sales managers, designers, marketers and consultants brings a diverse skillset to the table. They share a passion for taking the Nmbrs product and company to the next level while using the newest technologies. Nmbrs is managed through the Holocracy approach, organized in squads with self steering teams. Thanks to the flat organization structure personal responsibility and teamwork is Nmbrs strength. We try to be innovative about new ways of working and we are happy to share that following that idea and the concern about our employees well being we just started a pilot for the 4 day work week.