Distributed Teams Conference

Big companies’ headquarters seats can cost more than the employee’s salary.
Scale-ups have to rent more and more offices and lose track of who’s where doing what.
Small companies can’t afford offices that attract top talent.

Time. Effort. Costs. Building a tech team in 2020 is starting to sound like a Twilight Zone episode. What if there was a way?

The ‘one-office for all’ chains have been broken.

What if work had a purpose,
not a place ?

Distributed Teams is a working setup growing in every industry. Much like Remote Work, the tech industry is leading the way in using Distributed Teams. A cost-effective working model in which your trust is solely focused on the team leader, who is responsible for all the management of the distributed team.

What if work was by design,
not by default ?

Employers are adapting and deploying new work models that promote productivity, creativity and overall happiness at work.

The future is distributed. A network of teams, agile, synched and each at their right pace, autonomous and articulated.


The world is changing. Are you ready for Distributed Teams?


>What if knowledge was as an open source community?

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  • Culture & Comunications
  • Distributed Teams & People Management
Katie Womersley

VP of Engineering @ Buffer


>What if work meant quality time, not a pipeline?

This 3-day online conference will focus on a topic per day. Each day, from 3 to 6pm (WEST), we’ll bring you 3 different talks from top industry experts.

Monday – 15/06: Distributed Teams and People Management

Tuesday – 16/06: Culture & Communication

Wednesday – 17/06: Workspaces, Infrastructures & Security


>What if work was the future, not just today?

All Access Ticket
Remote access to all talks
June 15th to 17th, from 15:00 to 18:00 (WEST)
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