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Archbold Station

A world-class natural laboratory, inspiring scientists and discovery for more than eight decades.



Bring Archbold Station Identity into the 21st century through a state of the art digital platform.

HKEK led a deep brand and website initiative to firmly position Archbold as a modern, scientific and impactful conservation institution.

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Art Direction

HKEK extended the new Visual Identity into the digital realm providing a contemporary and flexible design system facilitating storytelling around the product.

Information Architecture and UX Design

The legacy Archbold Website had a huge amount of content, its structure was convoluted and disjointed. HKEK streamlined the structure and created a modular design system that allowed for maximum publishing flexibility.

Desktop UI Design

We integrated illustration, animation and razor sharp copy to bring an experiential brand and product experience to the web. The end result was a bold conversion driving marketing platform.

Design system

We created a comprehensive and exhaustive design system that would accommodate all user flows, activities, and component states. The hand off to the development team was key and with careful planning a frictionless success.


We created a comprehensive and exhaustive publishing system and guide that allows Archbold to calibrate and create unique pages on the fly.

Mobile First

Make’s mobile offering is on equal footing with its desktop experience so it was paramount the mobile experience was beautiful, intuitive and highly functional.


Brand perception positively increased with donors and audience. Content Publishing simplified and the quality increased leading to higher User engagement. Increase in Donor inquiries.

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“HOO KOO E KOO’s Brand Strategy and Digital Execution has created a modern and timeless platform for Archbold to continue its important work with efficiency and success.”

— Deborah Pollard
Director Of Philanthropy