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Bellwether Coffee

Zero-emission coffee roasting



Bellwether needed a design partner to craft the on screen experience for their new roaster.

HKEK lead a challenging design initiative to forge a multi process User Experience while the hardware was being developed in real time.

A simplistic visual language illustrating complex and layered process’ allowed Users to be ultra productive.

UX/ UI Design

As the hardware design was being locked and prototyped HKEK designed the on screen experience for baristas. This meant that our design team had to be flexible, responsive and test driven as the screen and functionality specifications shifted continuously.

Multi Process and Use

Understanding the multiple processes the hardware could undertake combined with the context of the machine was critical to the success of this design exercise. It was critical for there to be a valuable experience up close for programming and afar for monitoring within cafe’s and restaurants.


It was critical for the design and interactions to be illustrative of what the machine was doing to allow for rapid engagement with its Users.