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Identity Verification Services for Decentralized Applications



Civic needed a Brand and Product Experience for their B2B and new B2C product offering.

HKEK led a streamlined Brand Strategy, Identity and Product Design exercise to accelerate Civic into market with multiple cutting edge product offerings.

Visual Identity

The word mark was inspired by the old OCR-A typeface, bringing an emotional connection to their audience. That influence was carried through to the broader digital system; icons, blocks, image masks.

Information Architecture

We restructured the civic.com and civic.me site so that there was a mass appeal top layer to the experience that told a more high level brand and product story while still retaining the important detail at lower levels.

UI Design

HKEK created two distinct experiences for the B2B and B2C websites pandering to the two distinct audiences. HKEK integrated content and animation to really capture the product experience and community.

Mobile First

For the B2C brand and product experience there was a heavy focus on mobile design and functionality to accommodate the majority of traffic and activity being on smaller devices.