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A new wellness companion platform supporting a community through the journey of modern therapy.

New Health


Humanature needed an a community application that supported each personal journey through therapy and drove investment traction for the company.

HKEK lead a platform design exercise which combined a delicate balance of education, commerce and community to yield a prototype that engaged investors for the next round of funding.

Information Architecture and UX Design

HKEK defined the different User Types, from expert to novice and outlined key flows that allowed each to get value from the experience. Time and time again.

UI Design

HKEK extended the new Visual Identity system into an immersive platform combining education, commerce and community. The idea was to hold the Users hand through the deeply personal journey that is New Wellness and Psychedelic Therapy.

Mobile First

Knowing that mobile would be key for most Users, HKEK created a best in class experience that had moments of magic throughout the User Flows.


Woven Science (owner of Humanature) raised $8.5 million to support its ongoing science and consumer activities.

“HOO KOO E KOO was able to grasp our cutting edge model and the personal needs of our community and design a beautiful but engagement driven experience.”

— Nick Von Christierson