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AI Strategy, Vision and Prototypes for Real Estate Giant

Real Estate


JLL needed a clear AI vision, strategy and roadmap for the board to demonstrate impact on its leasing business.

Future Works ran an innovation sprint to analyze JLL’s current position in terms of adoption, data, pain points, tools and systems as it pertained to their leasing business. We took the insights to create clear solutions and prototypes that leveraged AI to drive business value.

Business Analysis

Working with the CEO’s business team; Future Works efficiently digested, analyzed and performed research to understand and define JLLs core pain points as it related to it’s leasing business.

While we cannot share details of our work delivered, below is a high level overview of the approach and results.

A Clear Challenge

We understood that a prominent friction point for the lease agreement process was the collaboration between Landlords, Tenants and JLL brokers to get deals done. This was largely in fact to fragmentation of data, systems and documentation.

AI Supercharged System

We defined a scaleable system which unified data sources, applied AI for insight and process optimization. We leveraged multi modal AI to allow for a multitude of document types and data sources to be understood and activated through the process.

A Scaleable System

The system would scale value over time from initially handling Close Out Packets to providing deeper commercial insights for Brokers. This provided us a foundation of a product roadmap that met JLL’s business needs into the future.

Tangible Prototypes

We created exciting prototypes to bring the vision and strategy to life for the JLL business team. It was highly effective to actually show an embodiment of our strategic recommendation to garner support.


Education, analysis, vision, strategy, system, product prototypes and a roadmap for 12-18 months. High impact of business direction from board level through the whole company.

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“We presented a challenging project within a complex organization and asked for it all in an unreasonably short 
timeframe; and their team delivered [with excellence]!”

— Andy Poppink, CEO, Global Markets Advisory, JLL