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A centralized productivity platform that allows Users to connect all tools in one place to streamline workflow and maximize output.



Eliminate the overload of having all digital tools and data in one platform.

HKEK lead an overhaul of the Loop product experience focusing on the Users’ immediate session needs, ease of integrations, onboarding, and intuitive user flows. We packed an immense amount of functionality and data into the UX without overwhelming the user experience. Our new design is highly functional, streamlined, intuitive, responsive, and beautiful.

Information Architecture and UX Design

We refocused and prioritize the experience on what matters most - quickly triaging new work. We made strategic UX decisions to simplify the platform, adjust hierarchies, and accelerate tasks. By working holistically, we we able to improve usability across the board, improve contextual actions, and create a lively aesthetic to make work a pleasurable experience.

Design system

We created a comprehensive and exhaustive design system that would accommodate all user flows, activities, and component states. The hand off to the development team was key and with careful planning a frictionless success.

Product design

We focussed on a thoughtful onboarding experience that clearly walks the user through the primary features of the product to immediately demonstrate utility. The design team made sure screens had one primary call to action, no distracting colors or messaging, and very clearly organized grouping of information, tools, and functionalities.

Mobile app

The mobile experience required specific UX and UI thinking to allow for optimal productivity for users on the go. Prioritization of actions and reduction of functionality allowed for a focussed User Experience.


Users were able to complete 2x the amount of activity thanks to the redesign of the application.

“Pound for pound the best investment we could have ever made into the product experience. HOO KOO E KOO overdelivered and proved to be a complete partner and transformational influence for Loop”

— Greg Fragin, CEO and Founder