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User friendly no-code integration and automation tool.



Make needed a best in class digital destination to showcase its new Brand and Product offering.

HKEK used a blend of strategy, design, content and technology services to bring to market a best in class web destination focused on conversion

Art Direction

HKEK extended the new Visual Identity into the digital realm providing a contemporary and flexible design system facilitating storytelling around the product.

Desktop UI Design

We integrated illustration, animation and razor sharp copy to bring an experiential brand and product experience to the web. The end result was a bold conversion driving marketing platform.

Design System

We created a comprehensive and exhaustive design system that would accommodate all user flows, activities, and component states. The hand off to the development team was key and with careful planning a frictionless success.

Mobile First

Make’s mobile offering is on equal footing with its desktop experience so it was paramount the mobile experience was beautiful, intuitive and highly functional.


Increased traction for newly released products and converted customers. Positioned as industry leader through brand experience and communication.