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NWO.ai provides unparalleled AI-enabled consumer intelligence by unraveling the human narrative.

Artificial Intelligence


How can we represent vast amounts of data in a meaningful way to multiple distinct User Types?

HOO KOO E KOO designed and built a platform experience that allows users to easily manipulate and read detailed trend predictions. A set of unique interactive charts and data visualizations were created that allowed for efficient comprehension of information. Whether its the next trending flavor of energy drinks to natural disaster predictions for governments - this platform does it all.


NWO.AI is a trend prediction platform that tracks more than 93 million micro trends and notifies clients about trends before they become exponential. HKEK partnered up with the founders to design the brand and platform experience, integrating seamlessly with the NWO.ai team to develop the product. The collaboration scaled up to be a full-time, multi-year partnership.

Product Design

HOO KOO E KOO tackled a large design challenge in presenting large quantities of data and allowing the User to interact and manipulate it for valuable insight.

The activity on the NWO.ai platform is very unique and complex and so it was important to strive for simplicity, minimalism, and ease of use. It is critical that both casual and power users could simply orient themselves within the platform and take actions that yield results.


A layer of motion and interaction design brought a premium and delightful experience to the platform allowing the NWO.ai business to command authority in this space.

Detailed yet lean data visualization,

thoughtful UX to guide the user through a seamless experience.

The creation of beautifully presented actionable reports on human-generated data.

We continuously transform petabytes of unstructured narrative data into intuitive, visual metrics.

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NWO.ai Website

HOO KOO E KOO designed and built a website that presented the NWO.ai platform clearly and teased just enough of the product feature set to drive conversions.



As a result our company value has increased by 15x and our deal flow by 10x.

HKEK have been our long standing design and technology partner. They integrated seamlessly into our data science operation to define a best in class platform user experience. The interface allows our Users to intuitively and effectively engage with our trend prediction AI technology.

Pulkit Jaiswal - NWO.ai