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The Roddenberry Archive

Groundbreaking Star Trek Spatial Experience for Apple Vision Pro.


Roddenberry vision

OTOY needed a visionary partner to create the Apple Vision Pro experience design and delivery technology.

HKEK designed a spacial media browsing experience and centralized publishing system that can serve both the Web and Apple Vision Pro devices.

Real Time Rendered Environments

The Archive application leverages OTOY’s proprietary real time rendered 3D environments allowing for User’s to explore some of their most beloved Star Trek ships and scenes. A never seen before immersive and spatial experience delighting fans across the universe.

Custom Multi Device Technology

We integrated Web Components in the Apple Vision Pro Application to maintain a consistent UI/UX and logic across web and native platforms.

We developed a bespoke API to enable robust communication between the native app and the embedded web components. This facilitated the interactive elements and real-time data exchange for a seamless VR and spatial computing experience.


Successful Apple Vision Pro Launch Apple Feature Application for Device Launch

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