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Secure data extraction OCR API, data capture mobile SDK, and toolkits to liberate trapped data in unstructured documents.



Veryfi needed a new digital brand experience to communicate their leading product and set them apart in the market.

HKEK led a deep brand and website initiative to firmly position Veryfi as leaders in the growing OCR and AI Bookkeeping market.

Art Direction

HKEK extended the new Visual Identity into the digital realm providing a contemporary and flexible design system facilitating storytelling around the product.

UI Design

We integrated illustration, animation and razor sharp copy to bring an experiential brand and product experience to the web. The end result was a bold conversion driving marketing platform.


Increase in Organic Traffic as a result of the SEO optimization. Increased traction for newly released products and converted customers. Positioned as industry leader through brand experience and communication.

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The HKEK team added outstanding creative and design resources to our rebranding project at Veryfi. They delivered an innovative brand and design language that can carry the company forward for years.

— David Van Everen, VP of Marketing